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Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Neck Tech Collar Herm. Sprenger
Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Neck Tech Collar Herm. Sprenger

Herm Sprenger Stainless Steel Neck Tech Collar

Herm Sprenger

Some dogs don't need sharp correction. They walk nicely on a leash and do not pull their owners from one side of the road to another. However, they still need slight correction. And this Neck Tech collar will help!
The stainless steel NeckTech sport collar gently educates the dog through imitation of dog's teeth . It is equipped with an assembly chain and a swivel to provide more flexibility between the dog collar and leash for more convenient handling for the dog owner and more pleasant walks for the dog. The carabiner does not let the collar open, making it even more reliable and secure.
This NeckTech sport collar is made of stainless steel. Being made of this material, the collar is the most proficient product for all situations in the dog's life. Owing to the seawater resistance and the rust proof characteristics, the item will serve the dog for many years, showing no signs of rusting. Chromium and nickel are present throughout stainless steel, not just on the surface, thus the microscopic layer will form itself anew, even when the steel is cut or scratched. This fact makes it the most reliable material in terms of rust resistance.
All Herm Sprenger Neck Tech collars come in a standard length which is adjusted to fit the neck of the dog by removing or adding links to the collar.

SKU: TL007070