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Modesto Milling® Organic Senior Horse Pellets 50 Lbs Modesto Milling®

Modesto Milling® Organic Senior Horse Pellets 50 Lbs

Horse Pellets

Modesto Milling Organic Senior Pellet is made with the premium organic ingredients of the other great concentrates from Modesto Milling and nutritionally balanced to complement the horse’s forage. The Organic Senior Pellet is made to be lower in starch for horses that require a concentrate feed but may not need the calories that come from high levels of starch. Organic Senior Pellets are made with organic alfalfa meal, wheat millrun and coconut meal to provide sources of highly digestible fiber that are low in starch. Like the Horse Supplement Pellet, the Organic Horse Senior Pellet contains a small amount of oats to add palatability and beta-glucans for gastro-intestinal health. This feed is formulated without soy, corn, or molasses for conscientious horseowners who prefer to avoid these types of ingredients. As a pelleted feed, it keeps choosy horses from sorting out their favorite parts of the feed and leaving the rest. As a plus, the pellets can also be easily soaked to make a mash for older horses that may struggle with dental loss and sensitivity.

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