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Earthborn Holistic® Western Feast™ Beef Meal for Dog 14 Lbs

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  • Sku: TEAR3295S
  • Vendor: Earthborn Holistic®

Product description

Earthborn Holistic® Western Feast™ is a hearty, protein-packed recipe featuring lean beef and pork proteins. Grain-free, gluten-free and potato-free, this alternative diet provides your dog with all the nutrition and great taste needed to satisfy his ancestral cravings. Western Feast™ is packed with wholesome vegetables and fruits, vitamins, minerals and all of the essential nutrients needed for everyday optimal health. Western Feast™ is 100% guaranteed for taste and nutrition. Grain, gluten and potato-free, this special formula is ideal as a high-protein, grain-free alternative diet. Lean meat proteins, like beef meal and pork meal, are highly digestible and rich in balanced amino acids. Egg protein is the biological standard that all other proteins are compared against. Rich protein sources like these help build a strong foundation for your dog's overall health. Guaranteed levels of antioxidant nutrients, like Vitamin E and Vitamin C, blended with nutrient-rich vegetables and fruits such as peas, blueberries, cranberries, apples, carrots and spinach help support the immune system and other bodily functions. L-carnitine helps convert body fat into muscle and energy, supporting lean muscle mass and overall body conditioning. Made in our family-owned kitchens in the USA with high-quality ingredients and processing technologies, Western Feast™ provides excellent digestibility and nutrient absorption.

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Earthborn Holistic® Western Feast™ Beef Meal for Dog 14 Lbs

$32.98 USD

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