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TropicZone Aquatic Turtle Diet Stage-2 Baby Formula

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TropicZone Stage-2 Baby Turtle Diet is perfectly sized for turtles coming from hatchling stage, and up to a 3-inch size. It is comprised of the same specially formulated pellet that is utilized in the hatchling formula; however the general size of the micro-pellets have been enlarged to 3/32 inch, to account for the growth of the turtles. At this stage of development, the baby turtles still benefit greatly from the 44% protein base & 15% fat levels that have supported their growth up to this point, and the slightly larger pellet size now allows the baby turtles the opportunity to become acquainted to feeding on a larger food particle. The Dried Spinach is still added into the diet to provide extra nutrition and vegetable matter, and naturally dried whole anchovy fry are added for extra protein and calcium. TropicZone Stage-2 Baby Turtle Diet is the perfect bridge between the Stage-1 hatchling formula and the up-coming Stage-3 Juvenile formulation. Turtles on the TropicZone feeding program should be moved to the “Baby” level once they have reached approximately 2 inches in length. Newly acquired baby turtles purchased after their hatchling stage can be moved to this diet as soon as possible. Most baby turtles at this, stage-2 of their growth cycle, are fed 3 times daily in small amounts they can consume in under 2-3 minutes.
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TropicZone Aquatic Turtle Diet Stage-2 Baby Formula


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