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TropicZone Aquatic Turtle Diet Stage-4 Sub-Adult Formula

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At this level of development (around the 4-6 inch size) many Aquatic Turtles begin the transition into mature adult turtles, their growth process begins to slow (compared to juvenile growth rates) and their dietary requirements adjust to reflect those changes. TropicZone Stage-4 Sub-Adult Turtle Diet responds to these dietary changes by adjusting protein levels to 34% and balancing the protien source mix to provide an even mix of animal-to-plant proteins. It is the dual pellet formulation (utilized only by TropicZone) that makes this detailed modification possible. Fat levels are lowered slightly to 7% while all the vitamin and mineral supplementation is continued. The pellet sizes are increased slightly to 1/8 and 3/16 inch sizes, to account for the turtles current sizes, and all the special additives of gammarus shrimp, dried mealworms, dried black fly larva, and cuttlebone – which the turtles have come to look for – are in generous supply. For the smaller turtle species which remain within the 4-6 inch adult size, this diet mix performs excellent as their primary food source from this point on. Turtles on the TropicZone Stage-4 Diet can be fed 1-2 times daily depending on activity level, no more then they can consume in under 2-3 minutes.
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TropicZone Aquatic Turtle Diet Stage-4 Sub-Adult Formula


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