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I and Love and You Lovingly Simple Salmon and Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food 3.4 LB BAG

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You know what’s complicated? Taxes. Politics. Your mother’s method for folding sheets. What’s not? Our Lovingly Simple Limited Ingredient line. With a short list of allergy-friendly ingredients, your cat can warm up to a meal that’s made with sensitive pets in mind. You’ll be so pleased you might actually take Mom up on another sheet-folding tutorial.

  • Sustainaibly Sourced Salmon - Our protein-rich salmon is sourced using sustainable fishing practices to maintain a healthier ocean and protect marine resources.
  • Grain Free - Absolutely no wheat, rice, rye, barley, or oats in sight. We don’t pack your pet’s food with grains just to bulk it up or help us save a buck or two.#ScoutsHonor
  • Protein Rich - Packed to the gills with powerful ingredients that help build your pet’s muscle and boost their energy, all while giving them healthy hair and flawless skin…
  • Allergy Friendly - For the special flowers, we have a wholesome bag with a simple ingredient list that is free of poultry, beef and grains. Clean ingredients, nothing weird, that's whats up.
  • Non-GMO Protein & Produce - We make food with au naturel veggies and fruit—grown from the ground up like the good old days. I.E. None of our ingredients are made in a lab.
  • Filler Free - We don’t use fillers to bulk out your pet’s food to help us save a buck or two. There’s no nutritional value and it can contribute to obesity and lethargy. #Nope
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I and Love and You Lovingly Simple Salmon and Sweet Potato Dry Cat Food 3.4 LB BAG

$16.98 USD

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