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Simply Pine Pine Pellet Cat Litter Medium 20 Lbs Simply Pine

Simply Pine™ Pine Pellet Cat Litter Medium 20 Lbs

Simply Pine™ is 100% natural pine, with no chemicals or other additives, that has been formed into small pellets. These pellets are 100% biodegradable, for easy and eco-friendly disposal, unlike traditional clay litter. Simply Pine™ litter is low-dust so it's healthier for your cats and the people in your home, plus you won't get that annoying dusty cloud that comes with clay litter. 3X More Absorbent than Clay: Simply Pine™ cat litter is over 3.5 times more absorbent than clay on a per-pound basis, which means you'll use less, and shop less. Better absorbency also helps eliminate litter box odor more quickly. To prove it, we conducted a study to visually demonstrate the absorbency properties and performance advantages of Simply Pine over two leading traditional clay-based cat litter brands. Eliminates Odors: Simply Pine™ suppresses odors naturally, without masking them with artificial fragrances and perfumes. Odors are absorbed leaving the fresh scent of natural pine.

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