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Vetrx Rabbit Remedy Goodwinol

Vetrx Rabbit Remedy

For use as an aid in the treatment of all standard breeds of rabbits raised commercially, as a hobby, or for showing. For the support of healthy upper respiratory function and effective relief for snuffles, pneumonia, ear mites, or ear canker.

Directions: Shake contents to mix well. Use VetRx warm. To warm, open cap and put bottle in a small pan of warm water until contents warm to a medium temperature. Always test temperature before applying. Place 2 drops on each side of nostrils and to any scabbed area. Repeat 2-3 times per day as needed. 8 drops per gallon in clean drinking water can help speed results. For Ear Mites or Ear Canker: Warm and apply by the drop or with a cotton swab. Be sure to dampen the entire affected area. Do not dig off the scabs. The scab should eventually be shaken off by the rabbit. After 24 hours, dampen the entire affected area for the second time. Repeat again after 36 hours. Wait three (3) more days and add two (2) drops into the ears. This should result in clean, mite-free ears. If, at this time, scabs have not been shaken off by the rabbit, use a damp cotton swab and gently remove the remaining scales and crusts from the ear.

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