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Talis-us Dog Bark Collar - Humane Anti Barking Training Collar - Vibration No Shock Dog Collar

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  • [Dog Training] – Are you looking for innovative ways to train your dog to keep him or her quiet in the neighborhood? Rather than whip him or through some other tedious training routine, use one of our educator anti-bark dog collars to help you get the work done faster and in a much simpler way. Your dog will adopt the new behavior faster and thus aid with his training. Train your dog without a muzzle or a whistle with best unbarring e-collar .High-quality nylon strap with reflective trips
  • [Adjustable Collar] – The dog ultrasonic or citronella bark collar is easily adjustable to fit dogs of all sizes. Prevent discomfort in your dog and make it possible for him or her to get used to the collar in much more gentle way. The adjustable collar also makes your work easier when attaching the collar to your dog’s neck. Talis Anti-Bark collars devices also include 6V batteries
  • [Intelligent Vibration] – The anti-bark collar works intelligently to identify barks before a dog or puppy can let out the sound. The device then produces subtle vibration that soothe the dog and prevent it from barking aloud. The device also allows the puppies to bark in the event of an emergency by monitoring if a dog barks more than seven times in one minute. Talis ecollar have High-quality nylon strap with reflective trips
  • [Durable] – This antibarking deterrent dog's collar is suitable for use under the most adverse conditions. Whether you are bathing your dogrook or it comes into contact with sprinklers in your garden, the device will remain in good shape all the while. This allows you to use the automatic collar for longer and even on multiple dogs after the one you are training.
  • Safe For Use] – The device is safe for use on dogs. It comes with a smart chip that identifies any changes in the dog’s surroundings and stops it from barking. Unlike other electric dog collars that use electric shocks, this sportdog collar is kind on your pet and operates in a humane way that protects the health of the dog. It is not about shocking and exerting pain to train your furry friend
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Talis-us Dog Bark Collar - Humane Anti Barking Training Collar - Vibration No Shock Dog Collar

$9.99 USD

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