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Real Meat® Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 10 Lbs

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A complete balanced meat and organ food with added vitamins and minerals. Can be fed as sole diet or mixed with any other food for an extra-tasty meal! Easy substitute for any raw or frozen diet, easy to serve for pets on the go! Real Meat’s gentle air-drying process delivers a high-quality, high-meat-content food while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the natural raw materials. Each serving contains over 90% of nutritious air-dried free-range meat and organs, in a highly digestible form for optimum health. Depending on age, weight, activity level and condition, the Daily Serving Guide will need to be adjusted. For overweight pets feed to desired weight. Pregnant/Nursing: feed approx. double the amount indicated in "Daily Serving Guide" Always consult with your Veterinary Professional to determine proper nutrition. Can be mixed with dry food or rice/potato if all meat diet is to rich for animals with sensitive systems.When mixing with other foods reduce the amount of Real Meat Food accordingly to avoid overfeeding. Can be fed as is for most pets or mixed with water for pets that need extra hydration Take caution not to overfeed, each ounce of Real Meat Food is equivalent to 3ounces of fresh meat!> Keep fresh, clean water available at all times. When transitioning from grain-based dry foods to High Meat Diets, introduce slowly over 5 days. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED If for any reason you are dissatisfied with this product, contact us for a full refund.

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Real Meat® Air-Dried Beef Dog Food 10 Lbs

$143.99 USD

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