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ANTCUBE Vivarium 30x30x30cm - Cube

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Product description

Glass cube 30x30x30 cm with 2x side 50mm bore and 2x side 10mm bore
The 50mm hole (centre) is at a height of 15 cm. Lower edge of the hole at ~12.5 cm.

Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 300mm; 4mm glass thickness
Material: float glass

2x bore 50 mm
2x bore 10 mm (2x plug 10mm included)

Attention: This article only includes the glass basin and the two 10mm stoppers.

Description: Our ANTCUBE vivariums were developed to give you the opportunity to offer your ants a natural home. The holes on the side for connecting additional tanks are now 15 cm high (centre of hole). This means that enough substrate can be filled in to plant living plants directly in the formicarium and even plan for a 1-2 cm high drainage layer. The two lateral 10mm holes at a height of 2cm (centre) are for draining excess water. For example, you can use our transparent 10/06 mm hose to drain the water.

Our ANTCUBE vivariums are also perfect for giving so-called "primitive ants" such as Odontomachus, Pachycondyla or other species a home where they feel comfortable. These species prefer planted and very natural formicaria with a lot of substrate. Many of these species come from tropical regions with very high humidity.

With our suitable frames, covers, grid inserts or plugs, lamps and air conditioning units, the vivarium can be flexibly adapted to your needs (or those of your animals and plants). Our covers can be equipped with plugs or grid inserts via the 50mm holes in order to achieve the desired humidity or greater ventilation. Furthermore, lamp sockets, fans or foggers can also be plugged directly into the 50mm bores.

Our frames are only needed when keeping ants. They also secure the vivarium to prevent the animals from escaping and, above all, make working in the open vivarium easier. In addition, when using a frame, the cover can be omitted if desired.

Important: If you want to keep plants and ants together, you should never use plants where you do not know if they have come into contact with fertilizer or pesticides. Only take plants from terrarium stores or similar that are guaranteed to be completely free of pesticides and fertilizers. These can otherwise lead to the death of your ants.

Our tip: Ants can also be kept together with microorganisms such as springtails and isopods. These are not only a good "never-ending" food source themselves, but also destroy leftover food and other waste from your ants. They also feed on mold that may form due to high humidity and enrich the soil with nutrients, which in turn allow plants to grow healthily.

If you prefer to only have plants at home, you can set up your vivarium with just these. Despite everything, the microorganisms mentioned above are helpful. However, it is not advisable to use certain isopod species, since an isopod population, without predators such as ants, also likes to get the upper hand and the plants used then quickly become an undesirable source of food.

Note: Glass is cut according to DIN 1249 with a tolerance of +/- 1mm. In the case of extremely small ant species, additional escape protection is essential.
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ANTCUBE Vivarium 30x30x30cm - Cube

$114.99 USD

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