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Mashed Crickets

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Product description

Our Mashed crickets or "Cricket Jam" is an easy way to provide your ants with freshly preserved protein food without having to feed live insects. The included crickets (Acheta domesticus) have been gently steamed to ensure that nutritional value, flavor and aroma are preserved. In addition, the chitinous shell of the insects is softened in this way, so that it can be digested more easily. The compounds of the collagenous proteins are broken down so that the ants can utilize them better. Mashed Acheta domesticus has the same nutritional value as live crickets, but is easier to digest. In contrast to frozen or dried crickets where about 60% of protein is lost, the contained protein can be processed to almost 100%.

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The Cricket Jam is not suitable for hunting ant species that require live food. (e.g. Ponerines (primordial ants) such as Harpegnathos or Odontomachus).

Guaranteed mite free

Portionable and dilutable with water.

Sterilized and vacuumized
Without additives
Crickets from sustainable purely biological breeding, fed with organic waste

Once opened, can be kept for about four days in the refrigerator. Longer shelf life if frozen.
Attention: Portion first, then freeze.

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Mashed Crickets

$12.99 USD

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