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Vetreska Pine Cat Tree

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  • Sku: TVET10164S
  • Vendor: VETRESKA
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Product description

Welcome your furry family to a winter wonderland with the Vetreska Pine Cat Tree! This enchanting cat tree is designed to add some Christmas cheer to your home, making it the purrfect gift for your four-legged friends this holiday season. With its towering and sturdy structure, your cats can explore and jump to their heart's content, knowing the tree is built to withstand their festive frolicking. Crafted with love, this high-quality piece is made with natural jute rope and adorned with non-toxic dyes so it'll never lose its charming look. Of course, it captures the spirit of the season flawlessly, so your cats can bask in the joy of Christmas! With the Vetreska Pine Cat Tree, you can trust that your fur family will love it, now and always.

🌲【Festive Feline Sanctuary】 More than just a cat tree, this charming creation encapsulates the holiday spirit, turning your cats' playtime into a festive adventure that perfectly matches the cheerful atmosphere of the season.
🌲【Custom Festive Décor】 Elevate the holiday magic with the VETRESKA Christmas Pine Cat Tree's delightful feature – a set of DIY festive ornaments! Let your creativity shine as you and your feline companions craft a personalized tree adorned with charming decorations, making this cat tree a cherished part of your holiday traditions.
🌲【Endless Adventure】The VETRESKA Christmas Pine Cat Tree promises a world of exploration for your feline friends. With multiple levels and cozy hideaways, it invites endless climbing, jumping, and playful escapades.
🌲【Sturdy Haven】 Crafted with love, this cat tree stands tall and unwavering, ensuring your cats can indulge in their natural instincts without any wobbling worries.
🌲【Scratch-Worthy】Furry companions rejoice – the Pine Cat Tree boasts natural jute rope accents that cater to your cats' scratching needs, sparing your furniture while keeping their claws happy.
🌲【Pet-Safe Materials】Carefully designed with your cats' well-being in mind, this cat tree incorporates safe, non-toxic materials that your feline companions can enjoy without any worries.
🌲【Durable and Lasting】Crafted to withstand the spirited antics of even the most energetic cats, the Pine Cat Tree remains a reliable haven year after year, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your beloved pets.
🌲【Effortless Assembly】 Experience the joy of hassle-free setup with the Pine Cat Tree's easy assembly. Designed for convenience, this tree can be put together in no time, allowing you to focus on the merry moments you'll share with your cats in their enchanting new haven.

● Material: Jute, PVC, Chipboard, EPS foam
● Color: Green, Beige
● Product Size: 26.8*26.8*47.2 inches (L*W*H)
● Net weight: 39.7 lbs


Material: Jute, PVC, Chipboard, EPS foam
Color: Green, Beige
Product Size: 20.9*20.9*38.6 inches (L*W*H)
Net weight: 31.1 lbs

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Vetreska Pine Cat Tree


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