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ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker Dog Toys

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  • Sku: TZIP10201S
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Product description

Introducing ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker Dog Toys, the ultimate solution for pet parents who crave a little peace and quiet without compromising their furry friend's happiness! Dogs absolutely adore squeaky toys, but let's face it, the constant squeaking can be a major headache for us humans. Luckily, Snooziez with Shhhqueaker toys are here to save the day!

Designed with love and care, these adorable corduroy cuties offer your dog the joy of a squeaky toy, while providing you with some much-needed tranquility. Picture this: you're sitting down to enjoy your favorite TV show, work from home in peace, or simply relax while your little bundle of joy is fast asleep. That's where Snooziez step in, turning moments of chaos into moments of calm.

Snooziez toys are the pioneers in our brand-new line of silent ZippyPaws dog toys, and they have already captured the hearts of both dogs and their owners. How, you ask? Well, it's all thanks to the Shhhqueaker noisemaker. This revolutionary innovation produces a high-frequency squeak that only your four-legged companion can hear. No more annoying, repetitive squeaking that drives you up the wall!

Not only does the Shhhqueaker provide your pup with endless entertainment, but it also ensures the safety of your furry friend. Unlike other silent squeakers on the market, the Shhhqueaker is completely free of any hazardous metal parts. We have your pet's well-being at the forefront of our minds, so you can have peace of mind knowing that your fur baby is playing with a safe and sound toy.

Each Snooziez toy comes complete with one ZippyPaws exclusive Shhhqueaker, allowing for quieter playtime no matter where you are. From living rooms to home offices, and even during naptime, this toy is a must-have for any pet parent longing for a little tranquility. We understand that a happy dog means a happy home, and with Snooziez, you can achieve the perfect balance between their enjoyment and your peace of mind.

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your furry friend to endless hours of entertainment without the headache of constant squeaking with ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker Dog Toys. Experience the joy on your pup's face as they embark on a silent adventure, and enjoy the serenity that comes with it. Embrace the new era of dog toys with Snooziez - where peace and playfulness coexist in perfect harmony.

Product Materials:
5% EVA, 95% polyester

Toy Dimensions:
Weight: 3.8 ounces
HxLxW: 10.5 x 4.5 x 4 inches

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ZippyPaws Snooziez with Shhhqueaker Dog Toys


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