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ANTCUBE - Ants Farm - 20x20cm - standing

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Product description

S = 6mm for small species like Myrmica sp.
M = 10mm for medium species like e.g. Lasius sp. and Formica sp.
L = 20mm for large species like e.g. Camponotus sp. with cork and plaster nest inserts also for smaller ant species M – L
XL = for e.g. leafcutter or weaver ants or very big colonies of smaller ant species

float glass, plastic


1x ANTCUBE antfarm - 6 mm plate distance
1x cover
2x Formicarium plug 4mm

2x 4/6 x 20mm socket
2x 4mm holes with 4mm plugs

This fully transparent antfarm is suitable for ant species of the size S.

Note about production
The glass is cut according to DIN 1249 with a tolerance of +/;- 1mm. With extremely small ant species, additional ant escape protection is essential.

Note about the ant farm
The following must be observed when attaching or removing flexible tubes:
If the flexible tube is very difficult to fit on the connector socket, the socket should be lightly rubbed with a drop of our ant escape protection oil  or powder. The flexible tube should then be pushed onto the connector socket by turning resp. screwing without loading the socket with up and down movements. The same applies when removing the flexible tube from the ant farm. Please do not just pull it out!

Made in Germany




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ANTCUBE - Ants Farm - 20x20cm - standing


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