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CANOPHERA All Natural Coffee Wood Chew for Dogs

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If you’re looking for a chew solution that’s both natural and satisfying for your four-legged friend, it’s time to discover CANOPHERA All Natural Coffee Wood Chews. These chew sticks are made from the best of Mother Nature and use only the highest quality 100% vegan coffee wood as the only ingredient. And since it’s a lot harder than other wood, your pup will have a chew that’s particularly resilient and will last longer for that much desired satisfaction.

Plus, with CANOPHERA chews, you’ll never have to worry about environmentally unfriendly practices. We don’t cut any trees down for our production process since coffee wood is a natural byproduct of the coffee production. And with sizes for every pet, every dog can have a CANOPHERA chew of their own.

Your pup deserves the best when it comes to healthy dental care, and now with CANOPHERA All Natural Coffee Wood Chew for Dogs, your pup can stay active and healthy with every bite! Our All Natural Coffee Wood Chew made from coffee tree wood offers your pup a long-lasting, tasty chew while strengthening their dental muscles and supporting the natural cleaning of their teeth. These chews don’t contain any traces of animal or artificial ingredients, calories, caffeine or sugar—and they’re perfectly safe even for pups that are dealing with allergies or are overweight.

And don’t worry about your pup swallowing or digesting anything extra. Our unique chew sticks are designed to only shed fine wood fibers to be swallowed easily. Plus, we guarantee no splintering so your pup can enjoy for hours! Look no further than CANOPHERA to provide your pup with the natural dental care he or she deserves!

  • All Natural, Long Lasting Coffee Wood Chew Sticks
  • No Calories, No Caffeine & Nothing Artificial
  • Available in Five Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
  • All Chews Ship in Packs of Two (Both chews are the same size.)
  • Odor-Free
  • Sustainably Sourced
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CANOPHERA All Natural Coffee Wood Chew for Dogs


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