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Fluker's Aquatic Turtle Formula Turtle Diet Dry Food

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Turtle Diet Dry Food

A premium blend of nature's finest ingredients from people who have years of experience in breeding quality, farm-raised reptiles. Fluker's Aquatic Turtle Diet should be fed to juvenile or adult turtles one time per day, three to five times per week. For best results, feed only the amount of diet that the turtles will consume in one day. The diet should be scattered on the water, where it will float. The turtles will eat the floating diet for 15 to 20 minutes, and then they will bask for a period of time. The remaining diet will break up and sink to the bottom. The turtles will return later in the day and eat the remaining diet from the bottom.

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Fluker's Aquatic Turtle Formula Turtle Diet Dry Food


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