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Galapagos Tropicoco Natural Coconut Husk Bedding Substrate 8 qt

$10.99 USD
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  • Sku: TGAL9847S
  • Vendor: Galapagos
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Product description

Welcome to the Galactic Galapagos Tropicoco Natural Coconut Husk Bedding Substrate! Are you a reptile or amphibian enthusiast in search of an aesthetically-pleasing yet practical habitat for your exotic scaly pal? Well, look no further!

The Galapagos Tropicoco substrate is perfect for any tropical reptile or amphibian species. From chameleons to tegus and from red tailed boas to hognose snakes, this substrate is suitable for all. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but also exceedingly practical. As every pet parent of a scaly companion knows, the little buggers can escape from time to time, however this high-quality husk bedding will provide much-needed grip and traction for them no matter how rapidly they try to make their jailbreak.

But this husk isn't just good for traction; it helps temper humidity levels in each terrarium which may be crucial for certain species. And what about plant enthusiasts? This substrate-soil mix is great for use with live plants too as plants love moist environments!

So what are you waiting for? Invest in some of the extra quality Galapagos TropicocoNatural Coconut Husk Bedding Substrate today - your scaly pal will thank you!
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Galapagos Tropicoco Natural Coconut Husk Bedding Substrate 8 qt

$10.99 USD

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