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Healthy Herp Juvenile Dragon Food Instant Meal 3.88 Oz

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Product description

Dragon Food 

Healthy Herp Juvenile Dragon Food Instant Meal is an all-natural diet for bearded dragons 4 to 18 months old. It provides them with daily nutrition through a blend of freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, insects, and botanicals essential to their health and wellness. Instant meals are ideal for feeding alone or in addition to other foods. They are convenient and easy to prepare, eliminating your need to mix salads and provide live insects.

 Healthy Herp Instant Meals are for use with the Stepping Stone Cup Holder. A natural-looking holder with solid construction that prevents tipping and fits in terrarium corners. It is nonporous and easy to clean.

 Ingredients: Dry dandelion greens, dry red clover tops, alfalfa leaves, freeze dried corn, freeze dried carrots, freeze dried leeks, freeze dried zucchini, freeze dried mealworms, freeze dried green beans, freeze dried banana, dry calendula flower petals, calcium carbonate.

 Feeding Instructions Jar: Fill the cup with food, then halfway with warm water, wait five minutes for the food to rehydrate, drain excess water, and place the cup in Healthy Herp Stepping Stone Cup Holder or empty cup into a food dish. Remove uneaten food after 24 hours. Dragon Food Instant Meal has been lightly dusted with calcium and can be fed alone or mixed with other food items. Be familiar with your pet's requirements and supplement accordingly.

 Freeze-dried foods have had most of the water removed for prolonged stability and storage, eliminating the need for preservatives while maintaining most of the original product's flavor, color, texture, and nutritional value. That is why rations for military personnel, hikers, and backpackers contain freeze-dried products.

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Healthy Herp Juvenile Dragon Food Instant Meal 3.88 Oz

$17.99 USD

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