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Savory Prime Supreme Knotted Bone White Dog Treat

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Product description

Introducing the Savory Prime Supreme Knotted Bone White Dog Treat—the ultimate chewing satisfaction for your canine companion. Crafted from the finest materials, this premium dog treat is not just a treat; it's an experience for your pet that combines enjoyment with health benefits.

100% American Prime Beef Hides

Our Supreme Knotted Bone is made from 100% American prime beef hides, ensuring your dog receives a chew of unparalleled quality. By selecting top-notch ingredients, we guarantee not just a treat, but a premium delicacy that your dog will ask for by name.

Expertly Oven-Dried

Taste and safety go hand-in-hand with our treats. Prepared in our certified plant located in sunny Mexico, each chew undergoes a meticulous oven-drying process. This not only locks in that rich, savory flavor but also ensures each treat meets the pinnacle of safety standards. Our dedication to quality doesn't end in the kitchen; it extends to every bite your pet takes.

Inspected and Tested

In an industry where quality control is paramount, Savory Prime leads with an unwavering commitment to excellence. Every batch of our Savory Prime Supreme Knotted Bone White Dog Treat is rigorously inspected and tested, adhering to the strictest GFSI food quality standards. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that every chew not only meets but exceeds our high-quality benchmarks.

Health Benefits Galore

The benefits of our Savory Prime Supreme Knotted Bone extend far beyond taste. Designed to control tartar and aid in maintaining dental health, this treat works hard to clean teeth and gums with every chew. But perhaps its greatest feature is its ability to satisfy your dog's natural chewing instinct, providing them with hours of engaging, satisfying play.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Savory Prime, your pet's happiness and well-being are our top priorities. That's why we stand behind our Supreme Knotted Bone White Dog Treat with a satisfaction guarantee. Trust in a treat that promises to bring joy and health to your beloved companion.

Elevate Your Dog’s Chewing Experience

Choose the Savory Prime Supreme Knotted Bone White Dog Treat for a distinguished, flavorful treat that supports oral health and meets your pet’s natural need to chew. Give your four-legged friend the gift of blissful satisfaction with every bite—because they deserve nothing but the best.

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Savory Prime Supreme Knotted Bone White Dog Treat


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