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Talis-us LED UVA /UVB Sun Lamp Reptile Lights for Turtle Chameleon Lizard and Snake

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Are you looking for the perfect lighting solution for your reptile? Look no further than the Talis-us LED UVA/UVB Sun Lamp! This revolutionary light provides crisp white light in addition to both UVA and UVB, so you can keep your pet healthy with ease. Plus, our advanced LED technology saves energy while supplying your reptile's needs. With an E26/E27 standard socket, installation is a breeze.
This light isn't just energy efficient – it's also essential for keeping your pet in good health! The UVA component increases body temperature and improves animal activity, while the UVB helps reptiles absorb calcium and synthesize vitamin D3. So you can be sure that you're providing the best possible environment for your beloved turtle or chameleon with these lamps! Whether you have tropical or subtropical reptiles, the Talis-us LED UVA/UVB Sun Lamp is just what you've been looking for.

  • Power: 9 watts
  • Combines UVB, UVA, and full visible spectrum lighting
  • 270 degree rotatable, LED light-emitting angle can be adjusted to meet your variety of lighting needs
  • UVB wavelengths help synthesize Vitamin D3.
  • UVA wavelengths help regulate Vitamin D3 production and let reptiles’ bodies know when they’ve created enough. 
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Talis-us LED UVA /UVB Sun Lamp Reptile Lights for Turtle Chameleon Lizard and Snake

$39.99 USD

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