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Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chew Bulk

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Product description

Introducing Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chew, the ultimate chewy delight for your furry companion! With a commitment to providing only the best for your precious pup, we have created a treat that not only satisfies their chewing instincts but also promotes their overall health and happiness.

When you open a bag of our Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chews, you will be greeted by an assortment of chews that vary in size, thickness, and shape. These natural variations ensure that your pup will never get bored with their treats, keeping their tails wagging with excitement every time. Whether it's a flat chew or a charmingly curled up roll, your dog will experience a unique chewing adventure with every bite.

We take pride in the fact that our Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chews are not available with elastic barcodes. Why, you ask? Because we believe that the very essence of these chews lies in their natural beauty and organic form. We want your dog to enjoy a treat that is as authentic and genuine as they are, free from any artificial modifications.

And speaking of our commitment to authenticity, you may notice a hint of salt residue on some of the chews. Don't worry, this is completely normal and harmless. The salt residue is a result of the natural drying process we use to bring out the best flavors and textures in the alligator skin. Rest assured, the majority of the salt is washed off prior to cooking, ensuring that your dog receives a treat that is free from any unnecessary preservatives or additives.

Not only do our Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chews provide a long-lasting and satisfying chew for your furry friend, but they also offer a multitude of benefits for their overall well-being. Chewing is not only a natural behavior for dogs, but it also helps to promote healthy teeth and gums by naturally scraping away plaque and tartar. Additionally, the high protein content in our chews contributes to strong muscles and a healthy coat.

So why wait? Treat your four-legged best friend to the absolute best with Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chew. With its captivating variations, genuine authenticity, and numerous health benefits, this chew will become your dog's new favorite obsession. Give them a taste of nature's finest and witness the joy and satisfaction that only a truly natural treat can bring.

Target Audience: Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chew is perfect for dog owners who value authenticity, quality, and the overall health and happiness of their furry companions. Whether you have a small pup who loves to chew or a larger breed who needs a long-lasting treat, our chews are suitable for all sizes and breeds. Pamper your loyal companion and enhance their lives with the ultimate chewy delight.

Chew Grade: Medium. This firm chew is covered in scales on one side, and skin on the other side.

Treat Trivia: These gator chews are from the alligator meat market. Alligator skins used to be used for luxury goods (such as bags, belts, shoes, etc) but there’s no market for it anymore - instead of allowing the skins to go to waste, we've decided to turn it into a tasty dog chew!

Made in USA.

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Tuesday's Natural Dog Company Natural Alligator Skin Dog Chew Bulk

$68.99 USD

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