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Winnie Lou Bugsy's Pb Cricket Bites Dog Treats 5 oz

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  • Sku: TWIN10710S
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Introducing Winnie Lou Bugsy's Pb Cricket Bites Dog Treats! These delicious and nutritious treats will treat both your pup and the planet. When we rescued our pup Bugsy, we quickly learned of his bug catching reputation. Inspired by his passion for hunting bugs, this yummy treat uses sustainably sourced cricket flour for optimum protein content with added adaptogens to give extra balance to their body.

There are many great benefits to Bugsys' PB Cricket Bites! Made using cricket flour which is a great source of lean protein - plus it's more sustainable and environmentally friendly than traditional alternatives. We've also included adaptogenic ingredients like Ashwagandha, which helps promote better quality of bodily tissues and Blue Spirulina full of immune system boosting properties as well as skin and coat health.

A delicious meal topper - the perfect way for your pup to get all the nutrients they deserve. What's more, these treats come in 100% fully compostable packaging, eco-friendly enough for even Bugsy himself! So why wait? Get Winnie Lou Bugsy's Pb Cricket Bits Dog Treats today - feel good about treating your pup with something yummy whilst making sure you do their part for the planet too.
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Winnie Lou Bugsy's Pb Cricket Bites Dog Treats 5 oz

$12.99 USD

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