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Goodness Gracious Beef Liver Nibbles Dog and Cat Treats 3oz

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Goodness Gracious Beef Liver Nibbles provide an easy and tasty solution for pampering your furry friend. Loveable Liver Nibbles are made from the same protein found in our wildly popular Hula Lula jerky strips -- USDA-approved beef liver! But make no mistake, these aren't your typical jerkies - each nugget is gentle on small or senior mouths that may not be able to chew those tough treats, thanks to a simple trick up our sleeve: We grind the protein thin enough to become strips and then gently dehydrate in order to ensure superior texture.

Naturally rich in vital taurine -- an essential amino acid -- these tasty morsels of goodness are the special treat your canine or feline companion will thank you for time and time again. Imagine their little tail wagging so hard it knocks over a few books? That's all possible with Goodness Gracious Beef Liver Nibbles! Don't just think of them as regular treats that taste good - they're essential ingredients to keeping your pet happy and healthy!

  • Human Grade Dog and Cat Treats / Single Protein
  • 100% USA Sourced and Made
  • Resealable 3 oz Bag
  • Easy to crumble or break for small mouths and training

Ingredients: USDA approved beef liver and beef.

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Goodness Gracious Beef Liver Nibbles Dog and Cat Treats 3oz

$13.99 USD

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