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Red Sea Desktop Skimmer

R$ 966,70 BRL
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  • Sku: TRED8109S
  • Vendor: Red Sea

Product description

For those interested in keeping their aquariums healthy, clear, and vibrant, our Red Sea Desktop Series Skimmer is the perfect addition. This efficient skimmer runs silently in the background of your tank, allowing you to focus on enjoying your aquatic creatures and their environment without any distractions. Its sophisticated design fits perfectly into almost any setting, making installation a breeze!

The Desktop Series Skimmer creates just enough surface agitation so that it can easily skim away all the pollutants present in your tank. Plus, its quiet operation means that it won't disrupt the harmony of your newfound underwater paradise. With this revolutionary skimmer by Red Sea, you’ll be able to maintain an optimal balance of harmony and cleanliness in your aquarium.

No matter what type or size of aquarium you have, our Red Sea Desktop Series Skimmer is the perfect way to ensure that your fish are held to the highest standards of health and quickly eliminate any unwanted particles before they can do any real damage. So why wait? Get yours today and keep your beloved aquatic friends happy and healthy for years to come!

  • Red Sea Desktop Series Skimmer
  • Fits perfectly
  • Runs quietly and efficiently
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Red Sea Desktop Skimmer

R$ 966,70 BRL

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