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Vetreska Heartpurrple Cat Climber

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Are you ready to take your cat's world to a whole new level of bliss? Look no further than the Vetreska Heartpurrple Cat Climber, where love and gentle purple collide to create a feline paradise like no other.
Bask in the mesmerizing beauty of the Heartpurrple Cat Climber's stunning design. The delicate blend of love and gentle purple will not only captivate your cat's heart but also add a touch of elegance to your living space. This is more than just a cat climber - it's a work of art that will make both you and your feline friend feel like royalty.
But beauty is not the only thing this cat climber has to offer. We know that every cat is unique, with their own special needs and preferences. That's why we've created three variants of the Heartpurrple Cat Climber, so you can find the perfect fit for your furry friend. Whether your cat craves endless exploration, relaxation, or a bit of both, we have you covered.
Get ready for a whole new level of adventure with the Heartpurrple Cat Climber's meticulously designed platforms. With four, three, or two platforms to choose from, your cat will have plenty of space to climb, leap, and play to their heart's content. These platforms are not just any old platforms - they are fluffy havens of comfort that your cat will adore. Watch as they curl up, stretch out, and snooze in pure bliss, knowing that they have found their own little piece of paradise.
We all know how much cats love to scratch. That's why we've incorporated jute rope into the design of the Heartpurrple Cat Climber. Our jute rope provides the perfect scratching surface, allowing your cat to indulge in their natural instincts while keeping your furniture scratch-free. Say goodbye to shredded sofas and hello to a happy and satisfied feline friend.
At Heartpurrple, we believe in providing the ultimate experience for both you and your cat. That's why our cat climber is not just a piece of furniture - it's a sanctuary of joy, a haven of comfort, and a playground of fun, all in one delightful package. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the sight of your cat exploring, scratching, and napping to their heart's content.
Don't wait any longer to give your cat the paradise they deserve. Treat them to the Vetreska Heartpurrple Cat Climber and watch as their eyes light up with pure happiness. Because when it comes to your furry friend, love, and gentle purple, there's no better combination.

Four Platforms
● Color: Purple
● Material: Chipboard, Jute, Polyester, Corrugated paper
● Product Size: 26.8*22*40.2 inches (L*W*H)
● Net weight: 24.3 lbs.

Three Platforms
● Color: Purple
● Material: Chipboard, Jute, Polyester, Corrugated paper
● Product Size: 31.5*21.3*26.6 inches (L*W*H)
● Net weight: 19.4lbs.

Two Platforms
● Color: Purple
● Material: Chipboard, Jute, Polyester, Corrugated paper
● Product Size: 15.7*13.8*17.7 inches (L*W*H)
● Net weight: 7.7lbs

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Vetreska Heartpurrple Cat Climber


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