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Vetreska Watermelon Odor Control Kitty Litter Box with Lid and Scoop

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  • Sku: TVET10179S
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Bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home with the Vetreska Watermelon Odor Control Kitty Litter Box with Lid and Scoop! This whimsical litter box will delight both you and your feline companion with its charming watermelon theme and odor-control features. The spacious, cove-shaped design provides the perfect spot for kitty to take care of business, while the easy-to-use drawer ensures hassle-free cleaning and the push-to-open door provides a private oasis for your furry friend. The detachable and retractable panel contains stray litter for a cleaner space, and the refreshing watermelon scent eliminates unwelcomed odors. The included scoop set makes it easy to keep the litter box fresh and tidy. Let your cat enjoy a slice of paradise with the Vetreska Watermelon Odor Control Kitty Litter Box with Lid and Scoop!

🍉【Cute and Whimsical Watermelon Design】The adorable watermelon theme adds a touch of fun and playfulness to your home decor. It's not just a litter box but also a delightful accent that brings a smile to your face and brightens up your space.
🍉【Spacious and Cove Design】The Watermelon Kitty Kove Litter Box offers ample space for your feline friend to move around comfortably. Its unique cove design provides a cozy and secure environment for your cat's litter needs.
🍉【Odor Containment】The Watermelon Kitty Kove is equipped with a specialized design that helps contain unwanted smells. Say goodbye to unpleasant odors permeating your home and enjoy a fresh and fragrant atmosphere.
🍉【Privacy and Security】The push-to-open door feature ensures that your cat can enjoy their privacy while taking care of their business. It provides a sense of security and helps create a comfortable and stress-free environment for your furry companion.
🍉【Easy-to-Clean Drawer Design】Cleaning the litter box is a breeze with the convenient drawer design. Simply slide out the drawer, remove the waste, and replace the litter. It's quick, efficient, and hassle-free.
🍉【Detachable and Retractable Panel】The Watermelon Kitty Kove comes with a detachable and retractable panel that collects stray litter. This thoughtful feature keeps your floors clean and minimizes tracking, making maintenance a breeze.
🍉【Included Scoop Set】We've included a handy scoop set with the Watermelon Kitty Kove Litter Box. It makes scooping and maintaining a clean litter box a convenient and hygienic task.
🍉【Safe and Durable Construction】The Watermelon Kitty Kove is constructed with your cat's safety and durability in mind. It's made from high-quality materials that are built to last, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for both you and your furry friend.
🍉【Easy Assembly】Setting up the Watermelon Kitty Kove is a breeze. With simple assembly instructions, you'll have it ready for your cat's purr-fect adventures in no time.
🍉【Multifunctional Use】The Watermelon Kitty Kove can also be used as a cozy hideaway or a resting spot for your cat. It offers versatility and serves as a multifunctional piece of furniture that complements your home while catering to your cat's needs.

● Material: ABS
● Color: Red, Green
● Product Size: 19.7*16.9*16.9 inches (L*W*H)
● Net Weight: 9.9 lbs.

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Vetreska Watermelon Odor Control Kitty Litter Box with Lid and Scoop

$149.99 USD
$119.99 USD

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