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Zoo Med Hermit Crab Climbing Branch Assorted

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Transform your hermit crab's habitat into a natural sanctuary with the Zoo Med Hermit Crab Climbing Branch. Make every inch of their terrarium a thrilling adventure!

Naturalistic Design

This thoughtfully crafted climbing branch mimics the rugged and ecological variety your pet would experience in the wild. Blending seamlessly into your terrarium, it provides not just an accessory, but a slice of authentic habitat your hermit crabs will love to explore.

Healthy Activity & Mental Stimulation

Hermit crabs naturally seek out interesting obstacles to climb, and this branch offers the perfect challenge. Watch your tiny companion maneuver and play, encouraging activity that's essential for their physical well-being and mental alertness.

Perfect Fit for Small Spaces

At approximately 5 inches long, the Zoo Med Hermit Crab Climbing Branch is ideally sized for small terrariums. It maximizes your space without crowding your pet’s home, ensuring they have ample room to explore and rest.

Assorted Colors to Beautify Terrariums

Not only will your hermit crab enjoy the functional aspect of this branch, but you'll also appreciate the aesthetic. It comes in an assortment of colors, adding a vibrant touch to the terrarium and making it a lovely focal point.

Easy to Install & Maintain

Installation is a breeze; simply place the branch securely within the terrarium. Its durable construction ensures it withstands the enthusiastic activities of your little climber, and when it's time for cleaning, it's just as easily removed and washed.

Bring home the Zoo Med Hermit Crab Climbing Branch today and create a dynamic and engaging space that supports the health and happiness of your hermit crab while adding a touch of nature's charm to your space!

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Zoo Med Hermit Crab Climbing Branch Assorted

R$ 45,44 BRL

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