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Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 T5-Ho Uvb Fluorescent Lamp Reptile light

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Reptile light

Provides an effective UVB source without providing excess heat. Great for old world chameleons and other reptiles requiring increased UVB exposure without higher temperatures.These high output fluorescent reptile lights have the most concentrated UVB spectrum available. They emit up to 10% UVB and up to 30% UVA; outputs activate UVB up to 20" from the bulb. UVA wavelengths help to increase appetite, activity, and induce reproductive behavior in captive tortoises, turtles, lizards, chameleons, amphibians, and other reptiles. Also aids in Vitamin D3 synthesis and calcium absorption. Full spectrum, low-heat lamps are great for reptiles with increased UVB needs.


Stronger UVB and Brighter Light - Twice as strong as standard ReptiSun 10.0 Lamps!

Increased UVB Output: Perfect for larger reptile habitats (see lamp distance notes on package).

Helps to prevent or reverse Metabolic Bone Disease commonly seen in captive reptiles.

Used and recommended by Zoos, Veterinarians, and top reptile professionals.

High quality Made in Germany.

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Zoo Med Reptisun 10.0 T5-Ho Uvb Fluorescent Lamp Reptile light


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