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ANTCUBE – Starter Set for Leaf Cutter ants – Large

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Product description

Starter set for keeping Leafcutter ants:
This expandable starter set, for all leafcutter ant species includes, in addition to the optimally adapted formicarium, the appropriate accessories for keeping these ants. The voluminous tanks allow a comfortable handling when supplying and cleaning. The large holes (50mm) and tubes not only allow the ants to be easily observed, they also enable the animals to remove large pieces of leaves. The stainless steel grid inserts provide good ventilation and are robust against mechanical impact. Even large colonies of the very cutting-friendly leafcutter ants are not able to penetrate them. The sturdy screw bushings are also absolutely bite-resistant. The thermo- and hygrometer inside the system is absolutely child- and pet-proof and allows easy control of the climate values. If necessary, the humidity can be increased with the spray bottle.

1x ANTCUBE Arena 30x30x60cm high
2x ANTCUBE Arena 30x30x30cm
3x ant arena frame 30x30cm
3x ant arena cover 30x30cm
12x fixation point for arena cover
1x acrylic XT tube – 60/56mm – 1m (halved)
1x Substrate – Rainforest – 1 Kg
1x Formicarium granules 200ml – beige
7x Formicarium plugs for 50mm hole
4x grid insert – 50mm – stainless steel
4x Formicarium – screw bush for 50mm – hole
4x sealing ring for 50mm hole – black
1x Drinking trough clear 20ml – sponge
1x Mini thermo hygrometer analog – display – hanging
1x tweezers spring steel – wide – soft
1x Formicarium tweezers – plastic
1x Hand magnifier – 2x – 30mm
1x Ant outbreak protection oil 10ml
1x foam wiper 150x18x2,5mm
1x Sprayer 0,5 liter – brass nozzle
1x rose petals 100g – dried
2x photo back wall – rainforest – 30×30
1x photo back wall – rainforest – 60×30 – high

Important: Please moisten the substrate before use, so that the mixture can combine and develop a firm hold in the ant farm. In addition, too dry and dusty substrate can lead to blocking the respiratory tract of the ants and, in the worst case, suffocate the animals.

Notes on production
The glass is cut according to DIN 1249 with a tolerance of +/- 1mm. For extremely small ant species, additional breakout protection is essential.

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ANTCUBE – Starter Set for Leaf Cutter ants – Large

$899.00 USD
$799.99 USD

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