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biOrb AIR 30 LED Terrarium

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The biOrbAIR Terrarium is a modern terrarium. Whether it's orchids, air plants, mosses and carnivorous plants, or an insectarium the biOrbAIR replicates the conditions found under the tropical forest canopy and will provide them with the humidity, air circulation and lighting they need. You also get a 360 degree view of a world you've created and the pleasure of watching it develop and grow, it's like a window into another world.

The biOrb AIR Terrarium is THE modern terrarium/vivarium with a 360 degree viewing experience

  • Constructed Out of Acrylic – 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and has a 93% transparency rating.
  • Automated Terrarium – Offers hassle free plant care.
  • Micro-climate – Replicates the natural conditions under a tropical forest canopy.
  • LED Lighting – Automatic 24 hour cycle, simulating sunrise, daylight, sunset and night time.
  • Automatic Misting / Fan Speeds – The biOrb AIR has three humidity levels and three fan speed settings to create the ideal environment.
  • Clean Air System – Prevents stagnation and condensation.
  • Capillary Matting – Draws water into the coir compost which provides constant hydrating.
  • Water Level Indicator – Discreet and easy to read conveniently located at its base.
  • Effortless – Simple set up and virtually maintenance free.


  • 16 Gallon Acrylic Terrarium and Base Lighting and misting module
  • Coir compost
  • Planting tray
  • Carbon filter Cartridge
  • 16.9 ounces / 500ml Bottle HumidiMist x2
  • 24V Transformer
  • Capillary matting plus rubber stopper


  • Diameter: 19.75 in.
  • Height: 22 in.
  • Volume: 16 gallons
  • Weight (full): 130 lbs.
  • Frequency: 50-60 Hz, single phase
  • Line Voltage: 24V
  • Warranty: 2 years
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biOrb AIR 30 LED Terrarium


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