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Evanger's EVx Restricted Diet Low Phosphorus Wet Cat Food Boneless Beef Chunks in Broth 24ea/5.5 oz

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EVx Restricted Diet may support kidney function and renal issues; this recipe combines ingredient technologies that may support gut health, digestive health, and urinary pH balance. In creating this formula, the goal was to reduce the concentration of oxalates for kidney support, which can be a tough issue to work with. No one diet will totally help, so we created this formula to help support kidney function. Struvite crystals may be helped by diet, but oxalate crystals cannot be helped or prevented by diet. Struvite, the most common crystals, can be reduced by diluting urine so that it does not precipitate out. To make the urine more acidic, the body has to absorb and excrete it as an acid, however, drinking an acidic drink does not cause urine to be acidic, which is a common question we get. You need to provide Renal Failure sulfur-containing amino acids so that the body creates acidic urine. It is important that cats with oxalate crystals have more moisture in their diet. Evanger's, the solution-based company for health and wellness issues, has developed the EVx RESTRICTED DIET line to help solve the most common issues suffered by cats. Formulated by a nutritionist, EVx offers solutions for common issues in cats like weight, aging, joint issues, kidney disease, renal failure, controlling fat for pancreatitis issues, urinary tract health, and digestive disorders. EVx foods are complete balanced dinners. Textures range from chunks in gravy to pate in broth and contribute to the functionality and palatability of the diet. These products do not use Agar or Carrageenan Gums like the majority of cat foods in the market. They are grain free and gluten free, and like all Evanger's products, there is an emphasis on the use of fresh meat for obligate carnivores, which has so many essential amino acids naturally like Taurine, Cysteine, and L Carnitine. EVx provides a solution to another problem: food wear-out. As a balanced dinner, these diets can be fed as an every-day meal and rotated to help avoid food wear-out. The novelty effect may wear out when a pet is not enriched by new foods, so these formulas are designed to be interchangeable for cats without specific health issues.

  • Low Phosphorus Formula
  • Dietary Support for Kidney Health and Renal Failure
  • Formulated by a nutritionist
  • Grain and Gluten Free
  • Low in Calcium, Magnesium, Ash, Starch, Fiber, and Carbs
  • Contains Alltech NVGEN® and Acid Balance®
  • DL-Methionine to help acidify urine
  • Boneless to reduce Calcium
  • Made in the USA
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Evanger's EVx Restricted Diet Low Phosphorus Wet Cat Food Boneless Beef Chunks in Broth 24ea/5.5 oz

$48.99 USD

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