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Fluker's Crafted Cuisine Juvenile Bearded Dragon Diet Dry Food 6.75 oz

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Elevate your juvenile bearded dragon's health with Fluker’s Crafted Cuisine, specifically formulated to satisfy the nutritional needs of your growing pet. Created by experienced veterinarians, this premium dry food blend gives your bearded dragon a balanced and appetizing meal, designed to encourage thriving health and vitality.

Veterinarian-Formulated – Expertly crafted by professionals, Fluker’s diet for juvenile bearded dragons provides complete, holistic nutrition. It's scientifically balanced to ensure your pet gets the exact nutrients necessary for optimal growth and development during their formative years.

All-Natural Ingredients – With no artificial colors or flavors, this moist diet offers a wholesome dining experience for your pet. Your young dragon will savor the top-quality, real insects, packed with the protein they require to build muscle mass and strength.

Hydration Plus Nutrition – The unique moisture content in Fluker's Crafted Cuisine not only provides necessary hydration but also delivers nutrition in a form that's easy for juvenile dragons to consume and digest. Promote your dragon’s overall health with every flavorful bite combined with proper hydration.

Superior Nutrition with Real Insects, Vegetables, and Fruit – Your bearded dragon deserves the best. That's why Fluker's has included real insects, vegetables, and fruit in their formula to simulate a natural diet. This blend ensures a variety of textures and tastes that your juvenile dragon will love, while also supplying essential vitamins and minerals for a robust and healthy life.

Trust Fluker's Crafted Cuisine to give your bearded dragon the solid foundation needed for a long and healthy life. Each bag is filled with not just food, but with the passion for pets that Fluker’s is known for. Treat your pet to the taste of the wild combined with the science of nutrition with Fluker's Crafted Cuisine Juvenile Bearded Dragon Diet Dry Food.

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Fluker's Crafted Cuisine Juvenile Bearded Dragon Diet Dry Food 6.75 oz

$12.99 USD

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