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Vee Enterprises Natural Peacock Feather Cat Toys 100 Count

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At Vee Enterprises, we have the perfect accessory for a furry feline friend: Our Natural Peacock Feather Cat Toys! It's no wonder cats everywhere are meowing for more: these toys feature long bunches of 100 beautiful natural moulted peacock feathers in a perfect size for play at 35”-40”. Your cat will go wild chasing, batting and swooshing these showy feathers while having an absolute blast! To top it off, these toys have striking large eyes that your cat will not be able to resist.

But why stop there? Cat owners can also use our Peacock Feather Cat Toys as an exciting way to spruce up decorations around the home or office. The wide array of eye-catching colors and cascading feather lengths add an exotic hint that is sure to take any interior design from dull to wow. Whether playing with these toys or simply looking at them, your cats and their humans alike will feel the luxurious vibes they bring.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to treat your cat with our Natural Peacock Feather Cat Toys from Vee Enterprises. We know you'll love them as much as your cat does!
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Vee Enterprises Natural Peacock Feather Cat Toys 100 Count

$127.99 USD

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