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Vital Essentials® Raw Bar Freeze-Dried Pig Ears Dog Treats 18 Piece/Bag

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Be assured that the Freeze-Dried Pig Ears sold in our VE RAW BAR are safe and are free of Salmonella. VE RAW BAR Freeze-Dried Pig Ears are sourced locally from USDA facilities in Wisconsin and we have complete, unwavering confidence in the quality and safety of our products. VE RAW BAR Pig Ears are not in any way associated with a recall.
Freeze-drying makes all the difference when it comes to the VE RAW BAR Pig Ears. Unlike other pig ears, this snack doesn’t need artificial flavor enhancers that can leave a greasy film or coating on the pig ear which can cause and upset tummy.
The 48-hour freeze-drying process removes moisture without cooking the product and locking in vital nutrients. This means the natural aromas are left intact for your pet’s sensory pleasure. Pig Ears are a great source of hydroxyproline (an essential in collagen and cartilage) which helps support healthy joints.
These beauties are big and delicious, without being brittle or needing to have a “greasy” coating to make them appealing. They’re a thing of beauty all on their own. We can hear your dog calling for them now. Better get to the bar….VE RAW BAR, that is.

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Vital Essentials® Raw Bar Freeze-Dried Pig Ears Dog Treats 18 Piece/Bag

$80.99 USD

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