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Zilla Aquatic Turtle Food 6 oz

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Gourmet Aquatic Turtle Food provides proper nourishment to the turtle to have brighter shells healthy activity, for omnivorous water turtles need a variety of food, which is why Zilla comprises over 40 different ingredients entice nuggets of the aquatic food.

  • Variety in daily diet
  • Essential mineral for the vitality and color
  • Easy to access plastic container

Suppose you look for natural and healthy replacements for fish, plants, and crustaceans that aquatic turtles eat in the wild. In that case, you should choose gourmet aquatic turtle food available at Talis. This food comprises essential nutrients that promote more varied extra frisky vitality and healthier life. Packaged with clear labeling and screw-top plastic containers for effortless identification according to species. 

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Zilla Aquatic Turtle Food 6 oz

$5.99 USD

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