Responding to COVID-19/Nationwide Protests

Our first priority has always been the health and safety of our team members, customers, and communities. So, we’re taking every step to protect you and our team members while continuing to deliver unbeatable, low prices, and shopping experience. And we’re more committed than ever to make sure that you get the items you need when you need them, whether they’re for your health, home, or business.

Please continuously check this page for the latest updates.

Due to unforeseen events throughout a handful of cities, the number of parcel collections and shipment pickups throughout our fulfillment centers have been substantially reduced.

UPS, FedEx, and USPS have scaled back typical delivery operations to ensure safety and compliance. We’re working with a number of shipping carriers that are closely monitoring this situation across the U.S. Local restrictions and curfews in certain areas across the U.S. may cause unavoidable transit delays and disruptions in deliveries of your packages.

All packages ordered throughout are processed and shipped out of the warehouse the next day. Depending on your location, packages will normally arrive within 3-10 working days. However, with the on-going COVID-19 pandemic and recent local curfew regulations beyond our control, several shipping carriers have delayed their shipping response times, taking packages up to 3-10 days to arrive at its destination. You can check the status of your delivery by entering the tracking number emailed to you after placing your order into either weblinks UPS Tracking, FedEx Tracking or USPS tracking.

In the interest of employee and customer safety, our delivery partners are implementing contactless deliveries to protect both customers and couriers. The delivery procedures are:

1. Signatures are no longer required. In order to ensure the items are delivered to the right address, the carrier will log the name of the person taking receipt of the delivery.

2. The parcel itself will be placed on the front doorstep or reception area. After knocking or calling for attention, the carrier will have to step away to a safer distance before the item is retrieved.

Please take the aforementioned procedures into consideration when ordering larger or heavier items, especially if you are living alone or require help.

Talis is committed to providing service to the best of our ability and will continue to do so in areas that are accessible during this time.