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Oasis Shred-A-Bed Hamster Bedding White 2 In X 2 in, 6 pk

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  • Sku: TOAS6670S
  • Vendor: Oasis
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Product description

100% Natural Cotton - recyclable and biodegradable. OASIS SHRED-A-BED is safe for even the most sensitive pocket pet. Contains only short fibers - no continuous long strands to wrap around pet's limbs. Each package contains 2 sheets which yield a total of 12 handy 2 x 2 pads of compressed cotton fiber. Put one or two 2 pads into the pet's habitat and watch as your pet instinctively moves the pad to his or her selected nesting area and chews and tears at it... fluffing it into a soft bed. Remove damp or soiled bedding as needed (approximately once a week). SHRED-A-BED satisfies the natural urge to build nests provides privacy and helps to reduce stress. SHRED-A-BED is the perfect natural nesting material for pocket pets and canbe useful as a next-lining material for certain cage birds. 6 pads 6 2 x 2 squares each.

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Oasis Shred-A-Bed Hamster Bedding White 2 In X 2 in, 6 pk

$6.99 USD

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