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Zilla Reptile Bark Bends Reptile Hideout Habitat Decor

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  • Sku: TZIL0331S
  • Vendor: Zilla®
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Product description

Zilla Reptile Bark Bends

Like a log on the forest floor, the Zilla Bark Bends provide a great hiding place. Holes on each end allow your pet to easily get in and out while still providing shade and security.

  • Naturalistic appearance of natural wood bark blends in with terrestrial or aquatic environments
  • Satisfies the need for burrowing animals to instinctively dig, find privacy and overhead coverage
  • Set open ends alongside the glass or look through the window at the top to get a fascinating glimpse of activity
  • Non-porous exterior resists bacterial growth
  • Easy to clean with warm, soapy water and rinse
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Zilla Reptile Bark Bends Reptile Hideout Habitat Decor


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