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TropicZone Aquatic Turtle Diet Stage-3 Juvenile Formula

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TropicZone Stage-3 Juvenile Turtle Diet is comprised of a 37% protein pellet combination, which has reduced the protein levels down from the TropicZone Baby Diet by 7%. Fat levels have also been adjusted to 8% – while still maintaining the complete vitamin and mineral supplementation. Pellet sizes have been adjusted up to provide a proper 3/32 – 1/8 inch food morsel. At this growth stage, TropicZone has introduced an additional pellet formulation into the mix, based more primarily on plant proteins. This is the dual-pellet combination that sets TropicZone apart from other manufactures. Only TropicZone delivers a specific dietary platform for each of the 5 landmark stages of a turtle’s development. In addition to the TropicZone Dual-Pellet formulation, other important ingredients are introduced as the turtles now have the size to begin utilizing these additional food sources: Gammarus shrimp, dried mealworms, dried black fly larva, and even small trace amount of cuttlebone are now added to the pelleted base diet to create a diet that the turtles will continue to thrive on. Juvenile turtles on the TropicZone Stage-3 formula can be fed 2 -3 times daily in small amounts they can consume in under 2-3 minutes.
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TropicZone Aquatic Turtle Diet Stage-3 Juvenile Formula


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