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Ant escape protection oil 10ml

$3.56 USD
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  • Артикул: TANT3569S
  • Производитель: Antcube
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Product description

Content: 10 ml (enough for approx. 10-15 meters of a 2 cm wide strip)

Color: transparent, colorless

Material: paraffin oil based

Advantage: Can be applied to all smooth surfaces such as glass or plastic:

Disadvantage: In case of large colonies, the animals can spread the oil over the pane by walking on the oil surface, so that the pane must be cleaned over time.

Application: The film should be about 3 times as wide at the inner edge as the ants are long and applied without dripping.

Renewal: 2-4 months depending on colony size and season.

Note: The animals should only have their “feet” in contact with the oil. In case of large drip formation, there is a risk that the animals may get their heads in the drip and suffocate on the oil.

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Ant escape protection oil 10ml

$3.56 USD

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