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Antcube Blanched Whole Crickets

$12.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TANT10785S
  • Производитель: Antcube
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Product description

Introducing Antcube Blanched Whole Crickets, the perfect solution for all ant enthusiasts looking to provide their tiny friends with a delicious and nutritious feast! Our Blanched Crickets are the ultimate protein-packed treat for your ants, and with their irresistible flavor and aroma, your ant colony won't be able to resist.

What sets our Blanched Crickets apart from the rest is the care and precision that goes into their preparation. Each cricket, carefully selected from the finest Acheta domesticus stock, undergoes a gentle blanching process, ensuring that every bite is bursting with nutritional goodness. By blanching our crickets, we not only preserve their natural nutritional value, but we also soften their chitinous shells, making them easier to digest for your hardworking ants.

But that's not all - our innovative blanching process also aids in breaking down the compounds of the collagenous proteins found in these crickets. This means that your ants can fully utilize these essential proteins, maximizing their growth and overall health. With our Blanched Crickets, you can rest assured that your ants are receiving the highest quality protein source available.

Unlike live insects, which can be cumbersome and difficult to manage, our Blanched Crickets come conveniently canned, making feeding time a breeze. Simply open a can, serve a portion to your ant colony, and watch as the excitement and energy abound. And the best part? Our canned crickets retain the same nutritional value as their live counterparts, ensuring that your ants are getting the vital nutrients they need without any compromise.

With Antcube Blanched Whole Crickets, you can say goodbye to the hassle of frozen or dried crickets, where a significant amount of protein is lost during processing. Our crickets are meticulously prepared to preserve as much protein as possible, with up to 100% of the contained protein available for your ants' consumption. It's a no-brainer - why settle for anything less when it comes to the well-being of your beloved ants?

So go ahead, treat your ants to the finest protein food on the market. Antcube Blanched Whole Crickets are not only a delicious and nutritious choice, but they also showcase your dedication to providing the best possible care for your ant colony. Give your ants a taste sensation like no other and watch as they thrive and flourish under your attentive care. Order your Antcube Blanched Whole Crickets today and witness the joy and satisfaction they bring to your tiny friends.

The blanched crickets are not suitable for hunting ant species that require live food. (e.g. ponerines (primordial ants) such as Harpegnathos or Odontomachus).

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Other advantages:

Guaranteed mite free
Sterilized and vacuumized
Without additives
Crickets from sustainable pure organic breeding, fed with organic waste

Once opened, keeps for about four days in the refrigerator. Longer shelf life if frozen.

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Antcube Blanched Whole Crickets

$12.99 USD

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