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Exo Terra Dart Frog Bromelia Smart Terrarium Plant

$14.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TEXO1690S
  • Производитель: Exo-Terra
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Product description

Terrarium Plant

The Exo Terra Dart Frog Bromelia is a very realistic bromelia as found in most frog habitats. The overlapping waxy leafs provide an ideal platform for the female frogs to deposit their eggs. The urn-like rosette retains water, used by the frogs as pools and to deposit their tadpoles, and is detachable for easy cleaning or for collecting the tadpoles.

  • Ideal for All Types of Frogs
  • Stimulates Breeding Behavior in Frogs
  • Realistic Succulent and Waxy Leaves
  • Detachable, Urn-Like, Water Collecting Rosette
  • Can be Positioned Straight or at a 45 Degree Angle
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Exo Terra Dart Frog Bromelia Smart Terrarium Plant

$14.99 USD

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