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Healthy Herp Dragon Treat Grasshoppers 0.56-Ounce

$10.99 USD
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  • Артикул: THEA2780S
  • Производитель: Healthy Herp
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Product description

A natural food for bearded dragons and other insectivores. Grasshoppers have a high protein content that helps promote growth and provide essential amino acids. Live farm raised grasshoppers are not avaialable making freeze dreid an excellent choice to add variety to your pets diet. Freeze dreid grasshoppers eliminate the hassles associated with live feeder insects.

Recommended For:

All Bearded Dragons. Also recommended for Box Turtles, Aquatic Turtles, Blue-Tongued Skinks, Spiny-Tailed Iguanas, Forest Tortises and more.

Feeding Instructions:

Mix in with your pets daily diet or feed separately. Remove and dispose of any uneaten food after 24 hours. Always have drinking water available for your herps. No vitamins or calcium have been added to this product.

Dragon Treat can also be used as a weekend feeder, travel food or just to have on hand when live insects aren’t available. They can be used to soak up medication for easy administration.


Grasshoppers: a source collagen protein an important fiber that aids in building bone, cartilage, skin and claw structures.
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Healthy Herp Dragon Treat Grasshoppers 0.56-Ounce

$10.99 USD

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