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Life Line Pet Wild Alaska Omega-3 Wild Salmon & Wild Pollock Oil Blend for Pets

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  • Артикул: TLIF11068S
  • Производитель: Life Line Pet
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Product description

Our renowned Omega-3 Formula. This product is excellent for improved skin and coat in cats and dogs, although this source of Omega-3 pet supplement provides many more benefits than just alleviating dry, flakey skin. DHA is the Omega-3 critical for brain and eye function and has been linked to improved learning in puppies. In addition, it contains the Omega-3 EPA, shown to promote a healthy heart. This is an exceptional daily nutritional 

For Healthy Skin And Coat
+ Natures Perfect Source Of DHA For Brain, Eye And Heart Health
+ World's Finest Quality Fish Oil Produced Using Sustainably Harvested Wild Alaskan Salmon & Wild Alaskan Pollock
+ Totally Dripless Flip‐Top Silicon‐Valved Dispenser Caps on 8.5oz, 16.5oz, 26oz Bottles
+ Cold Filtered, Clean, Safe, Raw Oil With All The Nutrients Intact, As Nature Intended
+ Stringent 3rd party laboratory tested for purity & potency
+ No GMO’s
+ Flushed With Nitrogen For Increased Shelf Life
+ Reduces Excessive Shedding, Replenishes Moisture In Animal's Skin To Prevent Flakingpplement for your pets ensuring their all-around excellent health.

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Life Line Pet Wild Alaska Omega-3 Wild Salmon & Wild Pollock Oil Blend for Pets


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