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Pet Organics No-Dig Lawn & Yard Spray for Dogs

$10.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TPET1337S
  • Производитель: Pet Organics

Product description

No Dig Lawn and Yard Spray for Dogs is a training and behavioral aid for your dogs. If your dog has a digging problem in your yard or lawn, this spray can take care of it in a safe, effective manner.

  • Natural dog repellent with no harmful chemicals
  • Safe for pets, plants and people
  • Deters your dog from digging in sprayed areas

Simply spray this natural herbal blend in your yard, flower bed or any other area where you'd like to eliminate digging, and this spray will deter your dog from digging in those areas.This soft odor spray is harmless to pets, people and plants, and can help save your lawn by preventing your dog from further digging!

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Pet Organics No-Dig Lawn & Yard Spray for Dogs

$10.99 USD

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