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Reptile Breeding Box Clear Acrylic Reptile Feeding Insect Reptile Cage Terrarium

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  • Артикул: TTAL3430S
  • Производитель: Talis Us
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Product description

1、Multipurpose Breeding Box: Suitable for raising or transporting spiders, scorpions, praying mantises, small snakes and other reptile insects and small animals, perfect for observation.
2、Premium Acrylic: Made of transparent acrylic material, safe and non-toxic, sturdy and not deformed, provide good viewing, you can see the behavior of the pet anytime and anywhere.
3、Ventilated Box: The box body and lid of the box contain stainless steel ventilation nets to dissipate heat, allowing sufficient air circulation.
4、Prevent Escape: The top feeding port can be used for food-filling at any time to prevent pets from escaping, making it more convenient to care for pets.
5、Heat Preservation: The integrated design of the feeding box can be used directly, which is moisture-proof and good in heat preservation, and it can be matched to create a rainforest or desert environment, which is very beautiful. (This product does not include the ornament)
Name: Reptile Breeding Box
Material: acrylic
Size(about): 10.5x8x9cm/4.13x3.15x3.54in,10.5x8x13cm/4.13x3.15x5.12in,10.5x8x17cm/4.13x3.15x6.69in,10.5x8x25.5cm/4.13x3.15x10.04in
Weight(about): 130g, 170g, 220g, 280g
Suitable: suitable for breeding spiders, scorpions, praying mantises, horned frogs, beetles, small snakes and other reptile insects

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Reptile Breeding Box Clear Acrylic Reptile Feeding Insect Reptile Cage Terrarium


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