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Savory Prime Munchie Sticks Beef, Chicken & Liver 5 in, 100 pk

$12.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TSAV7673S
  • Производитель: Savory Prime CPD
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Product description

Introducing the ultimate treat for your furry friend, the Savory Prime Munchie Sticks in Beef, Chicken & Liver flavors. Delightfully crafted to cater to canines of all ages, these granulated chews blend palatability with functionality to encourage positive chewing habits among younger pups and senior dogs alike.

Features That Set Us Apart:

  • Specially Formulated Texture: Our Savory Prime Munchie Sticks are soft yet durable, designed to crumble just enough to be gentle on the teeth. This makes them the perfect treat for both sprightly young canines eager to munch away and the more senior companions looking for a softer chew.
  • Handcrafted Quality: Each stick is meticulously handcrafted, ensuring that every treat is packed with care and quality, promising a savory delight for your pet with every bite.
  • Ideal for Light to Moderate Chewers: These sticks strike the perfect balance between lasting enjoyment and digestibility, ideal for dogs that enjoy chewing without the risk of quickly wearing down their treats.
  • Variety of Flavors: With a choice between rich beef, succulent chicken, and hearty liver, your dog will be spoilt for choice. This variety not only keeps their taste buds excited but also contributes to a satisfied chewing experience.

Benefits Beyond Flavor:

  • Promotes Healthy Chewing Habits: Our Munchie Sticks are more than just treats; they are designed to encourage dogs towards positive chewing routines, decreasing the likelihood of destructive chewing behaviors around the home.
  • Long Lasting Satisfaction: Engineered to last, these sticks provide prolonged pleasure, keeping your pet engaged and satisfied for longer periods, perfect for keeping them occupied.
  • Nutritionally Rewarding: Not only are our chews delectably appetizing, but they also offer nutritional benefits, making them a guilt-free reward that supports your dog's well-being.

Transform treat time into a gourmet experience that caters to the health and happiness of your beloved pet with Savory Prime Munchie Sticks. Whether your dog is getting on in years or still a frolicking puppy, our chews offer a perfect blend of flavor, texture, and longevity, making every munching moment a joyous and beneficial affair. Indulge your dog with a treat that’s crafted with love, designed to please, and built to last.

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Savory Prime Munchie Sticks Beef, Chicken & Liver 5 in, 100 pk

$12.99 USD

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