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Spot Corduroy Hedgehogs Dog Toy Assorted 8 in

$9.88 USD
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  • Артикул: TSPO9965S
  • Производитель: Spot CPD
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Product description

Entice your furry friend into hours of interactive play with our charming Spot Corduroy Hedgehog Dog Toy. Not only is this toy a delightful companion for your pup, but it's packed with features to stimulate their senses and encourage healthy play patterns.

Delightful Texture

The Spot Corduroy Hedgehog Dog Toy is crafted from specially textured corduroy fabric, offering a pleasant tactile experience for your dog. This variegated surface is excellent for gently massaging their gums and offering a satisfying chew experience that dogs naturally crave.

Soft and Cuddly

Though resilient enough for playtime, this hedgehog is also incredibly soft, making it the perfect snuggle buddy for your doggo during nap time. Its plush feel and cute design will rapidly make it your canine's new favorite toy.

Interactive Squeaker

At the heart of our hedgehog toy lies an enticing squeaker that captures your dog's attention and keeps them engaged. The sound mechanism adds an auditory dimension to play, piquing your pup's interest every time they bite down and creating an interactive experience that can help reduce boredom.

Why Spot Corduroy Hedgehog?

  • Engaging: The squeaker inside provides an acoustic reward for playful engagement, promoting active play.
  • Comforting: Its plush fabric is ideal for dogs who enjoy a gentle texture to cuddle with after a busy play session.
  • Dental Health: The corduroy texture helps to keep teeth cleaner as your dog chews.
  • Durable: The Spot Corduroy Hedgehog Dog Toy is resilient, capable of withstanding numerous play sessions with your four-legged friend.

Invite a bundle of joy into your dog's toy collection with the Spot Corduroy Hedgehog. It's a toy that offers comfort, companionship, and play all rolled into one—and it's just one click away from becoming your pet's next treasured playmate.

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Spot Corduroy Hedgehogs Dog Toy Assorted 8 in

$9.88 USD

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