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Sunseed® Vita Rabbit Food Formula 25 Lbs

$38.99 USD
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  • Артикул: TSUN2994S
  • Производитель: Sunseed®
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Product description

An enriched foraging diet that provides pet rabbits with a convenient and fun, all-in-one gourmet meal. With special oven baked cookies and timothy hay as its first ingredient, Sun-Fun® offers your rabbit both delicious treats and essential nutrition. The ingredients create a three-course meal--an appetizer (fruits and veggies), dinner (fortified nutrients), and a dessert (oven baked cookies)--full of interesting textures, colors, and uniquely shaped pieces that your rabbit will enjoy exploring.

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Sunseed® Vita Rabbit Food Formula 25 Lbs

$38.99 USD

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